Google partage des infos sur l'usage de l'internet mobile par les commerçants

I recently heard a radio commercial on one of my two favorite southern California country stations for GoMo, Google's initiative to help businesses build a mobile Web site and strategy. The deal offered companies Google's help in Web development and hosting space.

Some 79% of large online advertisers still don't have what Google considers a mobile-friendly site. A Google webinar Thursday supported the GoMo campaign. When asked during the webinar how many businesses on the call have built a mobile-friendly site, about 42% said yes and the remainder said no.

It turns out that 53% of Americans own a smartphone. About 95% use smartphones to search, 77% in a store, 43% while commuting to work. I am one of those 13% who pull out their smartphone to search on something during a conversation to look for a business, confirm facts, or further thoughts in a conversation.

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/170267/when-conversations-lead-to-mobile-searches.html#ixzz1pIIIlnh5


Exclu : les taux de clic du search local et du display local

Local-mobile ad network xAd released a treasure-trove of data from Q4 2011 this morning. The US-based information is drawn from mobile sites and apps that run its ads and the related user behaviors that xAd observes. These data are interesting in part because xAd has what is probably the largest network offering local search and display advertising outside of Google (AT&T might dispute that claim).

La suite : http://searchengineland.com/report-52-pct-of-local-mobile-search-clicks-turned-into-calls-111877